Below you can find a list of available shows and also a glance at some of those in development. Shows can be done to any size audience however due to the interactive nature of the shows the bigger the audience the poorer the experience can be. To help with size guidance we have marked the plots below with S (up to about 60 guests/4-7 tables), M (up to about 75 guests/8-9 tables) and L (up to about 100 guests/10-12 tables) to allow you to give your guests the best possible experience. Dress suggestions are just that, suggestions, it is not mandatory dress code just fun to fit in.

A small number of our shows are also available in our XL size, these super size shows are suitable for up to about 125 people on 13-15 tables

The larger the show size booked the more actors are in the cast, larger shows may be booked for smaller audience numbers but not the other way round.

Guests Dressing up is always loved although never essential

Black Widows - S,M,L

A Family union at a memorial wake/celebration of life

Modern day plot

Coal Blooded Murder - S,M,L, XL

A birthday party during hard times

Guests are encouraged to dress up, this show is set in 1984

Death by Chocolate - S

A local baker has organised a birthday party for her best friend

modern day plot set at a birthday party

Food to Die For - S,M,L

Celebrating our chef who has received an award

Modern day plot with a catering theme if anybody wants to dress up

Girls Night Out - S,M,L,XL

It's a girls night out

Modern day plot, guests encouraged to wear modern party wear

I'm With the Band - M,L

A themed fundraising evening for a local charity

Guests are encouraged to dress up in the theme agreed for the show

Silence at the Speakeasy -S,M,L,XL

1920s style speakeasy

set in 1920s - 20's/gangsters/flappers

The Inspector - S,M

A serial Killer has been jailed and our inspector is receiving an award

modern day plot, suggested "black tie as it is an award presentation

Killing Game - S

A Murder mystery mystery

This show is a modern day plot although guests are attending a themed event set in the 1920s/30s

Policeman's Ball - S

Yearly ball and awards evening

this is a Modern day plot, guests are encouraged to dress up in "black tie"

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